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Dr. Tiffany Moon Might Be Leaving “The Real Housewives Of Dallas” After One Season

Last year The Real Housewives of Dallas cast Dr. Tiffany Moon, a rich, glamorous Chinese-American anesthesiologist (no, I can’t spell that word… yes, i had to paste directly from Google). Tiffany joined in 2020 when Bravo was trying to add more diversity to their Housewives. New York cast their first Black cast member, Eboni K. Williams and Beverly Hills cast their first Asian-American cast member, Crystal Kung-Minkoff. It remains to be seen how Eboni and Crystal will fare, but now that this season of Dallas has wrapped up, here is how it went for Tiffany: not great.

Tiffany is a fan-favorite, but the other Housewives, who are all white except for Mexican-American Kary Brittingham, did not give her an easy time. One might say they were… fucking racist bullies (except for D’Andra Simmons)? And now there’s a rumor going around that Tiffany will not return for the sixth season of the show.

The gossip began when Tiffany changed her social media bio to read “Previous Cast Member #RHOD S5.” Then she tweeted this:

But then Tiffany changed back her bio to “Cast member #RHOD @BravoTV.”  And her publicist told Entertainment Tonight that the rumors were not true. One person wrote in to Deux Moi to say this was Tiff’s way of “strategically being ominous” to get a pay raise for the next season. The alleged source says she feels disrespected after the Westcott Fiasco.

What is the Westcott Fiasco? Oh bitch. Firstly, Tiffany had to deal with racism on the show such as Brandi Redmond telling Tiffany she didn’t feel she could be herself around her (basically cuz Brandi was afraid of being called racist hot off the heels of that video where she mocked Asian people... and for some reason that is Tiffany’s fault?). The ladies also gave her a hard time for asking them to try chicken feet at a Chinese restaurant in Dallas. Lots of “ewwws!” which many viewers (and Tiffany herself) believe was disrespectful to her culture. Not to mention all the times that Tiffany was forced to educate her fellow cast members.

When the chicken feet episode aired, Kameron Westcott, took to the socials to compare chicken feet to the dog food she’s trying to shill:

And in an interview on Watch What Happens Live!, Kameron compared Tiffany to a “bossy” Thai sex worker the women encountered on a cast trip the previous season. For literally no reason. Please note that Andy never publicly called her out for this.

Two months ago, Tiffany discussed the racism she faced on the show with VICE. And on the recent Dallas reunion, she confronted Kameron about the chicken feet post. Kam refused to admit she was wrong and got even angrier that someone would dare suggest she was racist. Her response was to accuse Tiffany of being racist for making TikToks that poke fun at her own Chinese mother. Logic!

The ladies hugged it out at the end of the reunion, but then shit hit the fan online. Kameron, her husband Court Westcott, and his brother Chart (!!!) Westcott (the Westcotts are very wealthy “high society” types in Dallas), attacked Tiffany on Twitter (via Variety):

Court Westcott, who has since deactivated his Twitter account, decried the concept of “anti-racism,” called it racism, and compared the philosophy to World War II Germany. “I don’t understand how many of your patients would be comfortable with you treating them with your open vile racism,” he wrote in a since deleted tweet.

Chart (I… can’t) then posted a screenshot that showed Tiffany had blocked him on Twitter and wrote:

“I’ve spoken to her twice, once when she was blackout drunk at my house but needed to get home for early work. Wonder if she had a hangover while working on her patients?”>

Tiffany didn’t take kindly to someone threatening her job as a doctor and is fighting back with her lawyer. Her attorney, Andrew Brettler, tells Variety:

“The insinuations the Westcotts made in those tweets are reckless, defamatory and appalling. Dr. Moon is a professional in every sense of the word and is deserving of the excellent reputation that she’s earned as a physician and as a hard working mother. These attacks on her character will not be tolerated. The Westcotts would be well advised to keep mentions of Dr. Moon out of their social media feeds.”

So that’s how it went when Bravo added an Asian woman to The Real Housewives of Dallas in 2020. Please note that last season, when they hired Mexican-American Kary, Housewife LeeAnne Locken got fired for being racist to her. So it’s not exactly a super healthy environment if you’re not white.

But, honestly,  I think the most important takeaway from this story is that Kameron’s brother-in-law is named CHART.

Pic: Instagram

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