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Disney to lay off 32,000 workers in the first half of 2021


The coronavirus pandemic has not only hit small, local businesses hard, it is also intensely affecting major corporations around the world as well. In the endless list of businesses affected by the pandemic also falls the name of Disney.

There was some speculation going on surrounding layoff from Disney and on 25th November the company has issued an official statement that indicates the same. Disney provided an update on the company’s finances, and accordingly also mentioned that the company is planning to let thousands of workers go in 2021.

The gravity of the situation is also dense as the number of workers that Disney is planning to layoff is not in hundreds, and is in fact, huge. According to Disney’s Form 10-K filed by the U.S. government, the company is planning to terminate about 32,000 employees.

A major number of workers will be laid off from the ‘Park, Experiences and Products’ departments, that too during the first half of the 2021 fiscal year.

There seems to be no end of the pandemic woes. Back in September, Disney had announced that it would lay off 28,000 workers.

The new numbers are staggering and shocking, to say the least. The new number of 32,000 (projected) also includes the previously announced park layoffs (the 28,000 workers). The California theme parks will remain closed for the foreseeable future, and it further facilitates the layoffs from its parks in California, Florida.

The parks will remain closed as a preventive measure to curb the spread of coronavirus, and in an attempt, to bring the numbers down. As of November of 2020, Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and other major California theme parks have remained closed due to the state’s COVID-19 reopening guidelines.

Disney’s downtown shopping mall reopened in July and Disney California Adventure reopened parts of Buena Vista Street earlier in the month.


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