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COVID Outbreak at Swingers Convention in New Orleans


A few dozen swingers are battling an outbreak … of COVID-19 after couples passed around the virus, along with their partners, at a New Orleans convention.

The 5-day Naughty in N’awlins romp last month turned into a super spreader event, with at least 41 swingers testing positive for the coronavirus … according to one of the organizers.

Naughty Events honcho Bob Hannaford says the swingers convention did everything it could to try and stay COVID safe — touchless check-ins, temperature checks, extra sanitizing, wristbands denoting who previously tested negative or had antibodies. It wasn’t enough to stop the positive tests in the aftermath of all the raunchy fun.

The first positive test came back the day after the swingers convention ended and 40 more followed. Out of the 300 swingers who attended, 41 have tested positive. That’s a positivity rate above 13 percent.

While at least one swinger was hospitalized, the majority of the positive cases showed minor symptoms or were asymptomatic. The organizer’s having second thoughts about the whole event … saying he wouldn’t swing there again, in hindsight.

Not sure ya need hindsight to know swapping bodily fluids with strangers in a pandemic is dangerous, but whatever. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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