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Courtney Stodden Came Out As Non-Binary


Last night Courtney Stodden came out as non-binary on social media. The 26-year-old (wow, how has it been a whole entire decade since they married elder-perv Doug Hutchison?) shares that their pronouns are “they/them/theirs”. They wrote that they don’t identify with she/her, and they’ve never felt like they fit in anywhere. I was gonna make a big boob joke here, but maybe not the time?

Here’s the full caption:

they/them/theirs. I don’t Identify as she or her. I’ve never felt like I ever fit in anywhere. I was bullied horribly in school because I was different. The other girls never understood me. It got so bad that my mom pulled me out of school. And still, i don’t fit in. I never really connected with anyone my age. My spirit is fluid with a kaleidoscope of color. #bekind #beopen #loveyourself

And the post itself:

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Courtney also responded to a Twitter DM, writing:

“I’m excited to begin to truly start expressing myself without worry of others’ judgments or opinions. I’ve lived too long hiding from who I really am. I’m so excited for everyone to see my true self creatively and spiritually.”

Courtney added that they recently filmed a music video for their upcoming single Pleasure (VITAL INFORMATION), and that:

…it was so important for me to take control back from the men I’ve lived under. It’s a role reversal of sorts and hope everyone feels empowered to be whoever the hell they want to be!”

It seems like Courtney’s mad as hell, and they aren’t gonna take it anymore. Last year they called out Chrissy Tiegen for bullying them back in 2011, when they were just a minor. And when Framing Britney Spears was released they compared their own mistreatment by the media to what Britney went through, calling out Anderson Cooper, Wendy Williams, and Jason Biggs:

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Ya know what? Good for Courtney. Being a 16-year-old groomed into a public marriage with a middle-aged abuser can’t not do a number on your mental health. Time to get empowered, turn those tables, and use them!  *cough* BAG *cough* 

Pic: Instagram