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Convert Excel to PDF Online for Free in 5 Easy Steps!


The information era emphasized the importance of data that people can gather. For instance, scientific breakthroughs can be made through statistical data. We can also apply it in marketing, research development, finance, and many other areas in society and industry. If it were before, calculating data would perhaps take too long to finish. But, there are electronic spreadsheets presently!

Electronic spreadsheets make it possible to ease data computation, and they have indeed done so! However, other people want to simplify these electronic spreadsheet files, simply XLS files, to understand the contents faster. To top that up, there’s also the reason that other people may not be as knowledgeable as selected people with managing data. They can easily make their files simpler by converting XLS to PDF. Don’t know how to? Keep reading to find out!

Why convert XLS to PDF?

You might be wondering why people change their files’ format to PDF. Aside from making the contents appear more straightforward, are there other benefits that you might not be aware of? Of course, there are! Actually, these benefits are pretty simple, but they can level up your game when it comes to making documents! 

Let’s define PDFs first. A “portable document format,” or more known as PDF, is a standard file format that fundamentally functions as a generated “print-like” image of your file. It literally preserves the formatting of your files by making them appear like an image. As a result, it will be the same on all devices that you open the file on.

PDFs provide graphic integrity

Dealing with data is a lot more complicated than it seems. People would want to ensure that no data gets modified when they share their files with others. It is crucial to establish a credible file as inaccuracy may have implications when the relevant people make use of the information. This way, you can fortify your partner’s trust by ensuring that they can believe your work.

It will appear more straightforward

No matter how cryptic and fascinating data may appear, the numbers included will remain as numbers if people can’t understand them. Making the contents seem simpler by putting it in PDF can reduce the time and effort spent analyzing it. It also allows for better understanding and reduces the chance of confusion.

PDFs can be encrypted

Another concern about data is confidentiality. You would want to ensure that no other unauthorized people can access private information. Concurrently, PDFs are perhaps the most secure among all different file types. You can set two types of passwords that allow you to exert control over what other people can do with the file.

These are user-passwords and owner-passwords. User passwords allow authorized people to view the file. Meanwhile, owner passwords will enable you to restrict other people’s actions, such as printing, editing, copying, and other modifications of the file. This way, you can avoid unauthorized access.

How do I convert my XLS files to PDF?

If you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, you can directly export your Excel to PDF. You can find this option in File > Export > Create PDF/XPS Document, and done! However, it’s best to keep in mind that using MS Excel requires a paid subscription. You can also lose your way in case you’re not well-versed with the said software.

A more accessible solution is to use online file converters. In fact, you can look for them online on your browser, and you would have countless options. Now, from the array of converters that pops on your screen, you would want to select a tool that keeps your files secure. In addition, you may want the process to finish quickly. PDFBear undoubtedly meets your criteria!

Change XLS to PDF using PDFBear

PDFBear is a web-based tool that you can use to convert your Excel files to portable document formats. It is absolutely free and convenient! Moreover, it utilizes cloud technology, so everything happens online. This situation translates to not needing any software installation. But what makes it a trusted people’s choice is its tight and seamless security. You only need to perform five steps to use PDFBear!

  1. Go to PDFBear.
  2. Upload your selected XLS file.
  3. Choose from the options that will appear.
  4. Just wait as PDFBear processes your file.
  5. Save and share!

See that? It only took five steps to finish. Moreover, the process is not too complicated, making it friendly for everyone, whether they are tech-savvy or not. With this powerful conversion tool, it is only a matter of a few clicks to achieve the possible benefits that we have mentioned above. Impressive, right?

What can I do with my newly converted PDFs?

Now that you have the PDF copies of your work, you may now make use of it better! You have the option of password-protecting your PDF, editing it, sharing it with others—all of which can be done with the same tool! Of course, you may still do other actions, and it’s entirely up to you. PDFBear is undoubtedly your expert friend when dealing with PDFs. 

In Conclusion

Data are robust, primarily if you process them using electronic spreadsheets. If you and other people can understand data more efficiently and apply it faster, we can undoubtedly make faster work with less time spent! You can do this by doing XLS to PDF conversion, and the process is relatively manageable. 

Establishing credibility, trust, clarity, and confidentiality are essential in dealing with data. After all, you do not want to confuse your partner, break their faith, and leak the information. You would like to maintain your established professional air. You can achieve this by converting your files to PDF, not only Excel files but also other documents.

So, what are you waiting for? First, grab your Excel files and select the ones you need to simplify and share with others. Then, take your seat and open your browser. Finally, just go to PDFBear! It can definitely meet your PDF conversion needs.