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Chris Crocker’s “Leave Britney Alone” Video Has Sold As An NFT For Over $41,000


Way back in 2007, an unwell Britney Spears gave an extremely sad and messy performance of Gimme More at the VMAs. In case you don’t remember or you’re of TikTok age, it was a huge deal. Everybody made fun of Britney for her appearance and lackluster lip-syncing and dancing. But not Chris Crocker. Nope, Chris tearfully pleaded with the world to LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! It became one of the first viral YouTube videos, garnering 4 million views in just two days. And almost fourteen years later, 33-year-old Chris has sold the video as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) for 18.69 ETH (which is currently over $41,000 in US dollars). Chris says some of the money may go to help with transitioning. 

So… what the fuck is a Non-Fungible Token? Some kinda mushroom you win on MarioKart? Well, according to Queerty, it’s a piece of digital content that can be bought and sold using cryptocurrency. The NFT is a certificate that states who owns the video. Chris sold it in an online auction. Before it sold, Chris tweeted:

Over the years Chris has experimented with presenting as traditionally masculine and feminine. Chris recently came out as a transgender woman on social media, and explained that, since moving back to Tennessee to live with family, Chris felt safer presenting as masculine:

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A couple of weeks ago, in response to a commenter saying they thought Chris had already transitioned, Chris wrote:

I never said I was transitioning yet, I shared how I feel on the inside. Many factors such as my surroundings, what I do for work (adult entertainment) & other things, are not ideal for me to transition UNTIL some situations change. I am however in therapy and if I have to play the part of a male aesthetically until all my ducks are in a row… I can do that.

After the documentary Framing Britney Spears was released a couple of months ago, Chris reflected on how LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!! was received back in 2007:

Here’s the original vid:


Pic: Instagram