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Canada election: Saskatoon-Grasswood


Saskatoon-Grasswood is the sole urban-rural seat in Saskatoon and was created during the 2012 electoral boundaries redistribution.

The riding for southeast Saskatoon includes everything east of the South Saskatchewan River and south of 8th Street East, along with the area around Sidney L. Buckwold Park. It also includes a small amount of farmland immediately to the south and east of the city.

From 2000 to 2013, Saskatoon and the surrounding areas were divided up into four ridings that contained part of Saskatoon, and part of the surrounding rural areas. In all five elections, the Conservatives took all the seats.

Conservative Kevin Waugh was re-elected in the Saskatoon-Grasswood riding for a second time in 2019.

The 2016 census reported 72,010 people living in the riding, with over 17 per cent saying they have Ukrainian origins, the second-highest in Saskatchewan. Approximately 7.5 per cent of the riding’s residents identify as Aboriginal.


Conservative: Kevin Waugh (incumbent)