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Aubrey Bay Review: Luxury Candle!


Aubrey Bay are a luxury candle company with quality and ethical morals at the heart of their small business. I love small businesses therefore today’s post will be giving my honest Aubrey Bay Review. Moreover, all of Aubrey Bay’s products are 100% cruelty-free with no testing on animals. I found Amy and Andrew on Twitter when I first created my small business support blog and I became a fan of their brand and products immediately! Last week I purchased a product for myself and I am super impressed with how the candle has performed and sustained. I have included some ideas on how to style your new Aubrey Bay candle to give you some inspiration for your home too! Enjoy!

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I receive a commission if you visit a link and buy something on my recommendation. Purchasing via an affiliate link doesn’t cost you any extra, and I only recommend products and services I trust. All opinions are my own.*

Aubrey Bay Review: The Scent

I opted for one of Aubrey Bay’s most popular scents, Lychee Peony and the smell is amazing. One of the main factors that put Aubrey Bay’s candles towers above the rest is the strength of the scent and how long it lasts. In addition, the use of soy wax allows the candle to hold the Lychee Peony scent for longer and disperse gradually. Even hours after I blew the candle out, my bedroom was filled with the insane flowery and fruity scent. I have received countless compliments on the smell of my bedroom since burning this candle! You can purchase Lychee Peony here. I am eager to try out some more of Aubrey Bay’s scents, I think my next purchase will be the lovely ‘Coconut Lime’ as I have heard amazing recommendations.

Aubrey Bay Review: The Candle Aesthetic

When you purchase a candle from Aubrey Bay your candle arrives packaged in a high-quality white box with a black ribbon and their signature logo. The packaging is minimalistic but modern and elegant and it gives a luxury first impression to the brand. The candle would make the perfect birthday gift for those who love relaxing. In addition, the candle is in a 220ml frosted glass container with a metal mirrored lid. It is a very on trend product in terms of design right now. Once I have finished the candle, I have decided the packaging is so versatile I want to keep it to use to style in my room.

Ideas to Style an Aubrey Bay Candle

Aubrey Bay candles are a signature styling piece for homeware lovers and interior designers. For instance, the sophistication and modern colour scheme of the candle works beautifully in most rooms. Working in a homeware store has given me tips and inspiration on how to style your home and what colour schemes and styling are on trend at the moment. I have chosen to use this beautiful candle on my makeup dresser. Moreover, I have used a minimalistic book to add height to the display and I have maintained the basic colour scheme in a modern styling piece. I think the candle stands out perfectly against the green in the background!

Eco-Friendly Brand

Aubrey Bay work with both ethical and sustainable products and have opted to use soy wax in their candles. I have tested many different candles and soy wax is my favourable choice as it is a non-toxic material. This means they will not release toxins into the air as they burn. In addition, the candle burns cleaner with little soot released in comparison to paraffin alternatives.

Furthermore, one of the greatest advantages to using soy wax is the slower burning time. Soy candles last considerably longer than paraffin candles. You know the saying buy cheap or buy twice? This is a massive one for candles. The difference between a good quality candle and a basic cheaper candle is insane.

The Price Tag

Aubrey Bay candles retail at twenty-five pounds and based on the quality of the product it is worth every penny. I usually go through around three to four basic candles a month costing me easily over thirty pounds. The basic candles do not compare in terms of smell, aesthetic or lasting power of Aubrey Bay’s products. The way the product has performed over this week believe it will last me a month if not longer. Therefore, from now on I am opting for quality over quantity when it comes to purchasing candles. Aubrey Bay have given me a discount code giving you 10% off on their site, use code rachtalksbusiness10.  

Affiliate Link* The Banner Above Takes You Directly to Aubrey Bay’s Beautiful Website! Go Take a Browse!

I am lucky to have been recommended Aubrey Bay and I’m so excited to recommend this amazing small business to my friends and family. In addition, I am already looking into purchasing a candle for my mums’ birthday in August! If you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or a special cheer up for yourself, look at Aubrey Bay’s stunning website. Small Businesses always need your support and even if you do not have the funds to purchase right now why not venture over to Aubrey Bay’s social media pages and give them some love! Amy and Andrew have worked so hard and their lovely small business deserves so much recognition! Also, you want to find more ways you can support small businesses click here to read my previous post!

Thank you for reading, let me know your styling tips and your favourite candle scents in the comments! Remember if you want to receive 10% off your purchase use discount code: rachtalksbusiness10 at checkout!

Rachel x