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Is Addison Rae in Outer Banks season 2?


Outer Banks season 2 is coming to Netflix later this year, and fans are super excited to see what’s in store for John B., Sarah, JJ, Kiera, and Pope.

There were some interesting Outer Banks rumors circulating the web about Outer Banks season 2 when the season was renewed for season 2. One of those rumors was that TikTok star Addison Rae had joined the cast of Outer Banks season 2.

It’s hard to say where the rumors about Outer Banks season 2 started, but we tried to track them down.

Below, we shared what we know about Addison Rae’s rumored role in Outer Banks season 2 and more.

Is Addison Rae in season 2 of Outer Banks?

While I’m sure that fans would love if Addison Rae was in Outer Banks season 2, it’s unclear if that’s happening or not, but it’s not looking promising.

Netflix has not confirmed Addison Rae’s casting in season 2. Most of the rest of the cast has been announced, including all of the main cast. You’d think if that was happening it would have been announced last year when casting was happening or sometime this year while the season was being filmed. It’s too hard to keep these things secret for long when everyone has a camera on their phone and social media accounts.

What Netflix show is Addison Rae in?

So far, Addison Rae has not been in a Netflix original show, according to IMDB.

Will Addison Rae be in a movie?

Yes, and it’s a Netflix movie! And, it’s also coming this summer, like Outer Banks season 2.

Addison Rae will star in He’s All That alongside Cobra Kai star Tanner Buchanan. The movie is inspired by the 1999 classic movie,  She’s All That. 

He’s All That is coming to Netflix on Aug. 27, 2021. You only have a few months left until the movie hits Netflix.

We’ll let you know more about Addison Rae’s Netflix projects as they come up. Stay tuned for more news about Outer Banks season 2 and He’s All That! 

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