Best black-owned beauty brands for 2020

Best black-owned beauty brands for 2020

It has been no secret that for some time, the beauty industry has often found itself being less than inclusive for women and men of colour.

It’s that very lack of diversity and representation in beauty that has paved the way and sparked the ideas for some of the brands we love today, including Fenty Beauty and Uoma Beauty.

In light of recent protests in the UK, US and across the globe, black-owned businesses are being pushed to the forefront and finally being given some recognition. Beyond the movement, these brands should be celebrated now and in the future.

Something important to note is black owned beauty brands are plentiful and thriving, our round up of ten is just the tip of the iceberg – find the full list of brands to support below.


Best black-owned beauty brands for 2020

1. Bouclème – Curl Cream

0 boucleme
Bouclème Curl Cream

Boucleme is the brainchild of London-based Michele Scott-Lynch.

Like many, the idea for her business venture started on her own hair discovery, realising it was difficult to find a product that maintained her natural curls.

The ethical brand is free from a lot of the commercial nasties including silicones and sulphates and instead, is enriched with nourishing ingredients like organic shea butter and coconut fruit extracts.

Price: £16.70, Amazon – buy here now

2. 79 Lux – Ultra-Nourishing Antioxidant-Rich Body Balm

0 79
79 Lux – Ultra-Nourishing Antioxidant-Rich Body Balm

Karen Cummings-Palmer created 79 Lux originally as a treatment for her own skin after suffering years of eczema. The nutrition expert created a plant based, luxury brand that wins loads of points for hydration and healthy skin.

The Body Balm is packed with a combination of essential oils and antioxidant packed ingredients likes rose quartz, hyaluronic acid and lactic acid to soothe thirst quenched skin.

Price: £46, Liberty London – buy here now

3. The Mane Choice – Doesn’t Get Much “BUTTER” Than This, Daily Hair Dressing

0 mane
The Mane Choice – Doesn’t Get Much”BUTTER” Than This Daily Hair Dressing

Courtney Adeleye’s idea for The Mane Choice was born during her personal haircare journey. In 2019 it was the only fully black-owned and operated hair care brand in the market, which is pretty astonishing considering the amount black women plough into the hair industry.

Price: £17.45, Amazon – buy here now

4. Serenity Box Co. – Subscription Box

0 serenity
Serenity Box Co. – Subscription Box

If you’re a CBD lover or are keen to dabble in the CBD wellness realm, Serenity Box Co are the ones to look at.

The black-owned business was launched in November 2019 by Michelle Da Silva and Damien Brome, a couple in their early 40’s.

Their business is all about safely introducing curated and tested CBD products to people, through subscription boxes, where you’ll have access to various CBD infused beauty and wellness products, among many more.

Price: From: £48.99, Serenity Box Co – buy here now

5. Charlotte Mensah – Manketti Oil Finishing Mist

0 cm
Charlotte Mensah – Manketti Oil Finishing Mist

Award-winning hairdresser Charlotte Mensah has an impressive 25+ years in the industry, so much so she’s been dubbed as an expert in afro hair.

The products included in her range are all ethically and sustainably sourced, as well as being enriched with organic oils and vitamins that offer dehydrated hair a boost of much needed nourishment.

This mist not only helps to seal hair, reducing frizz and repairing locks; it also acts as a protectant against environmental aggressors.

Price: £38, Space NK – buy here now

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6. Beauty Bakerie – Lip Whip

0 beauty bakerie
Beauty Bakerie – Lip Whip

For ladies that love to bake beauty wise, Beauty Bakerie is a one stop shop for vegan-friendly glam.

After a breast cancer battle and navigating young motherhood Cashmere Nicole was inspired to start the brand, which is fun, completely instagrammable and adorned with baking-related names.

Price: £15.20, Look Fantastic – buy here now

7. LIHA Beauty – Idan Oil

0 liha
LIHA Beauty – Idan Oil

English duo Liha Okunniwa and Abi Oyepitan created a brand inspired by their African roots, but still kept an air of their British upbringing in their visions.

The brand combines organic, Nigerian ingredients that are suitable for vegans, ethically sourced and super nourishing for all skin types. The Idan Oil is praised for being multi functional and just as good as a conditioner as it is as a body oil.

Price: £39, Liha Beauty – buy here now

8. Uoma Beauty – Double Take Sculpt and Strobe Stick

0 uoma
Uoma Beauty – Double Take Sculpt and Strobe Stic

Inspired by her Nigerian heritage, Sharen Chuter created UOMA Beauty with the vision to redefine the moulds and offer inclusive beauty for women of every shade.

The brand has an award winning foundation formula, available in over 50 shades. Her experience in the beauty industry as a former executive is just one more reason to know this brand means business.

We love how much there is in the range with everything from lipsticks, to eyeshadow and contouring palettes available.

Price: £34.50, Selfridges – buy here now

9. Rosen Skincare – Tropics Toner

0 rosen
Rosen Skincare – Tropics Toner

Jamika Martin came up with the idea for Rosen Skincare after becoming frustrated with the skincare industry during her own battles with acne.

Bringing acne sufferers clean skincare that isn’t full to the brim with nasty chemicals, or ingredients that simply don’t work was the main goal – the result? A transparent brand with cute and simple packaging we’d add to our regimes anyday. 

Price: From: £14, Rosen Skincare – buy here now

10. Maya Njie – Tobak Eau de Parfum

0 maya
Maya Njie – Tobak Eau de Parfum

The scent business isn’t very populated with black owners at all, it was this gap in the market that inspired London-based, Swedish born Maya Njie.

The luxury brand focuses on artisanal blends, as well as using scents that are deeply rooted in Maya’s Swedish and West African culture, many of her inspiration for scents and design came from identifying colourways using cherished family photographs. 

Price: £85, Liberty London – buy here now


Looking for other beauty brands to pay attention to? Check out the best women-founded beauty brands to keep on your radar for 2020.

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