A Baltimore Orioles fan was so desperate to grab a foul ball at Camden Yards on Wednesday night he was willing to beat out two kids for the prize.The Orioles were playing the Toronto Blue Jays when the ball was hit into the stands in the fifth inning. The man appeared to get on his hands and knees to get to the ball, which rolled underneath a seat.NEW YORK METS ROOKIE PETE ALONSO CONFIRMS HE’S SEEN ‘WEIRD STUFF’ IN VEGAS WHEN ASKED ABOUT ALIENSThe fan celebrated and walked back up to the stands. An eagle-eyed social media user caught what the fan appeared to be saying to another person across from him: “I know it’s terrible but I’ve been coming here for 30 years.”It was probably the most honest answer a fan could give in that moment. The guy has had to watch a lot of disappointing Orioles moments over the last three decades. Or just this season, for that matter.TEXAS RANGERS’ HUNTER PENCE EASILY SCORES INSIDE-THE-PARK HOME RUN AGAINST BOSTON RED SOXThe team hasn’t won a World Series since 1983 and only won 47 games last year. The rebuilding club is on pace for another miserable year with a 21-47 record thus far.

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