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Armie Hammer Is Dating A Dental Hygienist And Josh Duhamel Talked About Sending Him His Support

You would think Armie Hammer would want to distance himself from anything having to do with teeth given his penchant for BBQ ribs, yet People reports that Armie is currently dating a dental hygienist on the Cayman Islands. Armie was spotted in the wild for the first time since his self-imposed exile to the Caymans following confirmation that he was being investigated for sexual assault. Alarmingly, much to the delight of his army of supporters on Twitter who expressed relief at seeing him alive, and gratitude towards his Shotgun Wedding replacement Josh Duhamel who shared an email of encouragement he sent to Armie after he was cast. Between Armie’s sinister ass and the BennifeRod of it all, this stupid movie is going to be a solid gold box office hit, isn’t it?

According to People:

The Call Me By Your Name actor, 34, has been spending time with a local from the island since earlier this year, according to the source. The new relationship comes as Hammer, 34, faces rape allegations stemming from a 2017 incident with a former partner.

“He is dating a dental hygienist on the island,” the source says. “They were recently on a ‘staycation’ out East, the other side of the island from where they live.”

“They seem happy and comfortable with each other,” the source adds. “They seem to have lots of friends and she introduces him to any friends who haven’t met him before when they are out.”

Imagine bringing your new man around and introducing him to your friends like, “This Armie, Armie, tell them what it was like working with Timothée Chalamet!!” like your friends don’t have a nervous smile slapped on their faces and are subconsciously clutching their necks. Sadly, he’s probably very popular there, given his family ties. People adds that Armie “was recently photographed on the island for the first time in months,” here are those pics.

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Straight up chilling! Must be nice. As for Josh, in an interview for Man About Town magazine (the last-minute replacement actor’s GQ), Josh shared how he reached out to Armie after he “stepped away” from the role opposite Jennifer Lopez. E! reports:

“I know Armie a little bit, and when I knew I was gonna get the part, I emailed him and said, ‘Listen, I know you are going through it right now, I don’t like to get roles like this and I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and good luck, get through it,’” the Las Vegas actor shared with Man About Town. “He emailed me right back and said thank you so who knows, hopefully he gets through it.”

Previously, Josh talked about how his name came up for the role. Apparently, he and Jennifer go way back.

“She’s fantastic,” Josh raved during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “I’ve known her for years, and it sort of came to my attention that the job became available, and I got a chance to meet with her. It was like rekindling an old friendship with an old friend.”

Why do I get the feeling all that “old friends reconnecting” that reportedly went on between JLo and Ben Affleck while she was filming in the Dominican Republic was her trying to convince him to take the role. Is the movie’s sequel Quickie Divorce going to be the long-awaited follow-up to Gigli we’ve all been dreaming of these past 20 years? A girl can dream, can’t she?


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