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An NYC Socialite/Ex-Model Left Her Restauranteur Husband For Her Twin Sister’s Husband

It’s time to class things up around these parts with some high-society gossip via Page Six. And buckle your poor asses up, cuz this story’s got everything: TWINS, models, fashun, restauranteurs, betrayal, and talk of a possible Shania Twain-style husband switcheroo! Meet Charlotte Bonstrom, 50, a Swedish-born former model who has been married to Italian-born “celebrity restauranteur” Vittorio Assaf (owner of Serafina Restaurants). They’ve been together for more than twenty years and have two kids. Now meet Charlotte’s identical twin, Cecilia Bonstrom, also a former model, also 50 years old (go figure). Cecilia’s husband is Frenchman Thierry Gillier, founder of the fashion house Zadig & Voltaire (where Cecilia works as creative director). They got married in 2016 and have a 7-year-old son together, as well as three other kids from previous relationships.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the people involved, here is the story: During the pandemic, Charlotte had an affair with Cecilia’s husband Thierry, and now the two cheaters want to get married. Cecilia is obviously devastated, and there’s a rumor going around that she’s going after Charlotte’s jilted husband Vittorio, as an act of revenge. And it’s Gemini season to boot!

I assume you’ll need photos of the men involved. Well, here’s good twin Cecilia with her bad husband Thierry:

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A post shared by Cecilia Bonstrom (@ceciliabonstrom)

And here’s the evil twin Charlotte (if you’re confused, just remember that Charlotte and cheater both start with “Ch”) and her restauranteur husband Vittorio:

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A post shared by Vittorio Assaf (@vittorioserafina)


A source confirmed the drama to Page Six, saying that it broke the good twin’s heart: “Poor Cecilia, betrayed by her husband and her twin sister.” But, hey, maybe she was just betrayed by her twin sister. For all we know, Charlotte pretended she was Cecilia to seduce her brother-in-law! Didn’t that happen on Sister, Sister?

Husband Vittorio, 62, confirmed his wife’s cheating to Page Six, and denied that anything was going on with him and his sister-in-law:

“Charlotte and I are in the process of getting divorced – she wants to get remarried,” he told Page Six on Wednesday. “[She] is getting married to Thierry Gillier, the ex-husband of her sister.”

“It is very difficult,” Assaf added, “but I have nothing to do with the sister of Charlotte.”

Sources say Charlotte began cheating because she was hurt that Vittorio “often spent time with models during their marriage” (please note that this is the restauranteur husband, not the fashion one):

“She was very hurt, but learned to accept it and then she started secretly dating other people,” the insider said.

Apparently, Cecilia found out about Charlotte and Thierry’s affair in March, and she appeared to post about it on Instagram:

“You’re looking for three things generally, in a person: Intelligence, energy and integrity. And if they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother with the first two,” she wrote, tagging both her hubby and sister in the caption.

Days later she posted a picture of her red tearful eyes and wrote, “#momentoftruth #iknowwhoiam #nolies.” Then, a post saying, “Maturity is learning to walk away from people & situations that threaten your peace of mind, self-respect, values, morals or self-worth.”

Cecilia is still working at husband Thierry’s fashion label, and Page Six’s source says nobody knows how that’s gonna work out. They say it’s “such a crazy story,” and it’s unlikely the twins will ever be friends again. The source adds (whilst drooling):

“My God, what drama,” the insider said. “One would think there would be other men around than your twin sister’s husband.”

Cecilia didn’t respond to Page Six’s requests for comment, but cheating Charlotte said this:

“This is my private life. You can write whatever you want. I have two children in the middle, and I care about them more than the New York Post.”

Yeah, you filthy gossip rags! Everybody knows that Charlotte cares about family, first and foremost!

If you do a deep dive of each character’s human being’s Instagram, you’ll see Cecilia and Charlotte seemed close pre-affair. Lots of trips, fashion shows, galas, and other rich person activities. Also, a ton of models everywhere. Especially 62-year-old Thierry’s Instagram. Lots of pics of young, nude women. Which kinda makes sense cuz he’s a fashion type, but for sure creepy. Thierry also posted a bunch of pictures of Charlotte and Cecilia together, oftentimes captioning the photos with the hashtag #twins. In 2016 he posted a pic of both ladies nude on a dock, and philanderer Charlotte commented, “You are so lucky to have twins in your life!” Yikes.

All I can say is that both of these gals need to get their asses on The Real Housewives of New York City STAT. Hell, maybe that was their plan all along.

Pic: Instagram

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