In Nigeria, experts say that the easiest way to prevent a long-term trip to Europe and young people is to encourage them to look for small businesses.

Nigeria is the country that God has bestowed on human and human resources, as well as those of other neighboring and far-reaching countries who are struggling to grow rich and to live in poverty for many reasons. But it is hoped that one night with a number of friends motivating young Nigerians who are hoping to go to Europe or in any way, in the face of the turan of Turan, we are doing this terrible and unsuccessful tragedy. . Mrs. Aminu Hussein was a young man here in Kano where he had ever met friendships despite the secret of his career. Meeting with friends in Niger has caused Aminu to retire to Europe. However, before transmitting them to Libya, they began to change their thinking based on one of the main courses in the course. He made the following comment:

“Look at someone who is looking for someone to come back or someone else is around you to get a bigger, but say he is looking for you, and then I started to realize that there was a problem, and so we got rid of it. We ran down where our real borrowers were downloaded and I realized they wanted to get a car, and they just wanted to come home and return to their country. “

These teachings led by Aminu increased his movement by encouraging some of his companions to return home after four days in Libya. The young people have long been in such a dangerous situation in Nigeria, but without getting paid. Ali Mashi is a leader of a nonprofit organization that helps them to rely on you here in Kano. He said self-esteem and incentives to work as a team at the National Training Commission would help prevent such an adverse and emotional crisis.

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