Ali Fedotowsky in ‘Complete Shock’ After Suffering Miscarriage

Ali Fedotowsky in ‘Complete Shock’ After Suffering Miscarriage

Sharing her story. Ali Fedotowsky spoke to her Instagram followers “from [her] heart” after suffering a miscarriage.

“I am 1 in 4,” the former Bachelorette, 35, captioned her Tuesday, July 21, social media upload. “I had a miscarriage recently (I’m at the OBGYN right now for a follow up). I’m not sharing this because I feel sorry for myself or I want others to tell me they feel sorry for me. I don’t feel sorry for myself. I feel sad for what could’ve been. Sad for the baby that was growing inside me. Sad because it’s sad. I want to share this because I think it’s important.”

The Bachelor alum, who shares Molly, 4, and Riley, 2, with husband Kevin Manno, went on to describe the experience she may never “fully talk about,” explaining, “It happened early one morning when I had intense cramping. I passed the gestational sac — which was the size of a plum — in my bedroom. I was in complete shock when it happened. I sat and stared at it for hours — not able to fully comprehend what happened. And the utter exhaustion that took over my body in the few days after that was almost debilitating.”

Fellow Bachelor Nation members showed their support for the Massachusetts native in the comments. “Sending you so much love Ali,” Vanessa Grimaldi wrote, while Desiree Siegfried commented, “I’m so sorry, Ali. Thank you for sharing.”

Fedotowsky thanked her followers for their “love,” revealing she initially “didn’t want to share” the news. “Grief and shame tied to miscarriage goes beyond what I originally thought people felt shame about when discussing miscarriage — at least for me,” the mommy blogger explained. “I never quite realized part of that shame was feeling like you didn’t deserve support afterwards. So thank you for reminding me and helping me see that it’s OK to feel supported in this moment.”

In July 2018, the Home and Family star exclusively told Us Weekly that there was “no chance” she was expanding her and Manno’s family of four, saying, “We’re talking about vasectomies. Like, we are done. I’ve done enough, OK? … We don’t want more than two. The thing is, a vasectomy is reversible … but, like, we’re like certain we don’t want one, even though I say, never say never.”

Ali Fedotowsky Reveals She Suffered Miscarriage
Courtesy of Ali Fedotowsky/Instagram

The journalist told Us the following year that she and the radio host, 37, were considering adoption for baby No. 3. “That way, also, we’re helping a child that really, really needs [it],” Fedotowsky said in February 2019. “It’s not like we have to get pregnant now because I’m pregnant for nine months and then we want the kids to be close in age, [so] we could do it later. And I think that’d be really special.”

She added at the time: “I like the idea of having a big family, but not being pregnant.”

The former reality star married Manno in March 2017 in California, one year after their daughter’s birth. Molly’s brother arrived in May 2018.

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