Africa Magic ‘Halita’ star Matt Alkali dies on movie set

Africa Magic 'Halita' star Matt Alkali dies on movie set image

According to ‘Halita’ producer, Dimbo Atiya, the 36-year-old actor died from complication resulting from a blood clotting condition while on the set of an epic movie in Abuja. Atiya confirmed the sad news via a Facebook post where he wrote:

“Familiar Grounds Media would like to send our deepest condolences to the family of AKALI MATHEW who played the character of DARENG on the TV Series HALITA.

He was one of our much-valued cast, who died on the 24th of March 2020. This extremely sad event took place suddenly while he was filming on another set for an Epic movie in a village near Keffi. This has come as a rude shock to us all and we pray that the Lord will grant his family the fortitude to bear this great loss”.

Dimbo Atiya [facebook]

Dimbo Atiya [facebook]

The producer has also cleared the air on alleged reports that Alkali died after being exposed to the Covid-19 virus while on the set of ‘Halita’.

Atiya clarified that the actor attempted to manage his health condition via orthodox medicine but recently sought traditional medicine. He was also not on the set of Halita as purported or at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award (AMVCA) as he resumed at the location in a village on the outskirts of the FCT on Sunday, March 15, 2020.

Atiya’s statement wrote:

ATTENTION! FAMILIAR GROUNDS WILL LIKE TO SWIFTLY ATTEND TO THIS FALSEHOOD BY @kemiolunloyo. First of all our condolences again to the family of late Matt Alkali. It is sad that the facts of this situation have been turned around to mislead the general public on the death of this amazing young actor. MATT ALKALI was not filming on the HALITA set as Familiar Grounds Media officially closed set mon 23rd in conforming with the plea by Govt. All cast and crew of Halita were disengaged. MATT ALKALI had stopped filming about a month ago. 2. The “set” he was working on was a different film project by some independent producers from Masaka in Karu. He was said to be on the location of the project since Sunday. 3. Alkali Matt had blood clot condition for a long time, something he had managed with othordox medcine. But sort local traditional solution recently, I spoke with him on phone just on Sat. 3. He was not at the AMVCA. 4. And even if he had a contact with anyone with COVID 19 here in Abuja he will still be in the incubating period. (If he did come in contact with the virus, it was not on the set of HALITA or through anyone on that project as it is speculated. 5. Kemi as a journalist did not contact me the Executive Producer or Mr Bem the Series Producer for clarifications before going to press with this malicious publication, her journalistic competence at this point is questionable. 6. Untill she has solid proven facts that his death was caused by COVID 19 or he came in contact with anyone with it, this is a figment of her imagination, fiction at best. 7. Familiar Grounds Media offered to carry an autopsy to know what happend to him, his family’s wish was they are not interested, they will like to bury their son in peace. This can be verified from the officials at the FEDERAL MEDICAL CENTER KEFFI which by the way is the hospital he was taken to. I am sure our dear madam journalist did not know that talk more of calling to confirm the facts. 8. MATT ALKALI will be transported home on fri for a burial on Sat. If the authorities or Miss Kemi is willing to perform an autopsy please there is a window of opprotunity for that to happen. DIMBO ATIYA Exec. Prod. HALIT

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