Adele gets mocked for looking 'too skinny' in vacation photos after years of being fat-shamed

Adele gets mocked for looking ‘too skinny’ in vacation photos after years of being fat-shamed

Now these trolls seriously need to take a break.

Recently, Adele was seen at a beach vacay, smiling broadly and showing off in a polka dot dress. The singer has lost as much as three stones. However, even as she looked radiant and happy in the pictures, online trolls were quick to call her out. The trolls who had initially ‘fat-shamed’ her, were now ‘thin-shaming’ her. As the images of her holidaying in the Carribean started to emerge, some people started calling her ‘too skinny’. Adele looked happy and relaxed on her vacation with Harry Styles and James Corden. 

Her drastic transformation has caused a lot of controversy on social media as some people claimed that she looks ‘sick’, ‘unhealthy’ and ‘too skinny’. One person commented, “Looks old and haggard,” while another chimed in, “Slimmer yes healthier no. looks tired and old.”

A few were of the belief that she had undergone some weight-loss surgery and attributed the new slimmer her to ‘gastric bypass’. A third user added, “I think Adele was more attractive and sexy with her curves. Skinny does not equal hot.” This is not the first time that Adele has been slammed for her weight and has had to deal with online trolls. Adele had previously blacklisted those who had criticized her size. She had to deal with fat-shaming comments from people like Karl Lagerfeld, a designer for Chanel. In 2012, Lagerfeld had labeled Adele as “a little too fat”. He then went on to say that “she has a beautiful face and divine voice.”

Although she has constantly been slammed for her appearance, Adele has always insisted that she is very body confident regardless of what size she is and will change only for herself and no one else. While speaking to People magazine earlier, she shared, “Even when I was signing a contract, most of the industry knew if anyone ever dared to say ‘lose weight’ to me, they wouldn’t be working with me,” the Sun reports.

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