Whether Anna May Wong or Amaka Igwe: Despite their merits, few know the two women. In our picture gallery, we show which unknown acquaintances Google has also recognized so far this year.

Screenshot of Anna May Wong - Google Doodles.

Anna May Wong

Anna May Wong, daughter of second-generation Chinese immigrants, was the first Asian-born actress to conquer Hollywood. She also made a career in Europe, shooting with stars such as Marlene Dietrich and Oscar winner Laurence Olivier. But even though she wrote film history, only a few know her. The Google Doodle of January 22nd reminded us of their merits.

Google Doodle depicting Egyptian lawyer Mufidah Abdul Rahman. (Google / Deena Mohamed)

Mufidah Abdul Rahman

Just a few days earlier, on the occasion of her 106th birthday, Google remembered Mufidah Abdul Rahman from Egypt. She was one of the first female lawyers in the country and represented, among others, the famous Egyptian feminist Doria Ragai Shafik, who made a significant contribution to the introduction of the right to vote for women in her home country. Mufidah fought for more justice until her death.

Google doodle with Kaifi Azmi (Google)

Kaifi Azmi

He also opposed injustice: the Indian singer and poet Kaifi Azmi. In his texts, he dealt with suicide by farmers or discrimination against women. He supported numerous educational initiatives and worked to improve living conditions i

Google Doodle by Vicente Huidobro (Google / Luisa Rivera)

Vicente Huidobro

For his 127th birthday, Google changed its logo to honor Vincente Huidobros. The Chilean founded the “Creacionismo” movement, the literary avant-garde in Latin America. In Paris, he worked with the surrealists Apollinaire and Reverdy and founded the magazine “Nord-Sud” there. He inspired numerous Latin American poets.

n the country. He is a star in India and is still revered for his commitment there.

Genoveva Matute in a Google doodle. (Google)

Genoveva Matute

The Filipino writer is one of the most important in her field in her homeland. Born on January 3, 1915, in Manila, Matute spent her life teaching at schools and universities and writing historical (short) stories. Her works are still of great importance within the Tagalog literature since they are considered to be a significant source of identity in the Philippines.

Google Doodle by Amaka Igwe. (Google / Data Oruwari)

Amaka Igwe

On January 2, Google paid tribute to Nigerian director and screenwriter Amaka Igwe. With a radio station, a production company and several TV stations, she established an entire media empire. Her successful series and films brought new, better standards in the film business in Nigeria and helped “Nollywood” to a greater international reputation. The media pioneer died in 2014.


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