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5 good Netflix movies to watch this weekend with mom

With it being Mother’s Day, you’re possibly looking for some great movies to watch with your mom, or even to watch to think about her. Here are five great Netflix movies to watch this weekend.

There is something for everyone on Netflix right now. You may enjoy horror movies with your mom, so you want something that you can both enjoy in that genre. Or maybe you want to watch a new movie together.

We’re not just looking at recent movies that have come out on Netflix this week. There are some movies that have been on Netflix for a while that you may have skipped over for now, or they’re worth watching again.

Let’s dive into the top picks for Netflix movies throughout Mother’s Day weekend.

5 must-watch Netflix movies for Mother’s Day weekend


We start with the newest movie on Netflix that would have been on our list regardless of the holiday this weekend. Monster is a powerful look at how a mistake can ruin a person’s life, and with the social topics of today, it’s an important movie.

A 17-year-old Black honor student has his whole future ahead of him. However, when he’s accused of a crime, he finds everything is turned upside down and now his freedom is on the line. There’s no doubt this will be important for mothers and their children.

His House

Need a horror movie? Netflix has you covered with His House. It’s a relatively new movie on Netflix, and one of the strongest horror movies to date because it isn’t just about jump scares. This has a deep story to it that involves two refugees making a dangerous journey that leads to the death of their child.

The house they move into has spirits that only they can see. However, there is much more to the spirits (and their story) than meets the eye.


For those who love coming-of-age comedies, there are a few Netflix movies to check out. The top one on the list right now is Dumplin’. Jennifer Aniston stars as a mom who runs a beauty pageant that her overweight daughter, Will, has never wanted to be a part of. However, her daughter chooses to enter the competition to prove a point.

Will doesn’t take it seriously at first. However, things start to change, and there are some heartwarming moments throughout the movie.

Julie and Julia

This isn’t a Netflix Original Movie, but it is still worth the watch this weekend. Julie and Julia isn’t actually about a mother and daughter, but it’s about how someone can sort of become a mother figure. Julie is a food blogger fed up with life, so she sets herself a challenge. She’ll make all of Julia Child’s recipes.

Throughout the movie, we see flashes of Julia’s life and the fight she had to become the renowned chef that she is. However, there may be a message of never meet your heroes.


We end the list of Netflix movies with a documentary. What better way to end it than looking at Michelle Obama’s life story? Becoming is more than just how she met and married Barack Obama. It’s about the trials and tribulations she faced growing up; the ones that she overcame.

There’s also a focus on hope for the future. There are focuses on the connections she’s made. It’s a warm documentary that you’ll want to watch with mom this Mother’s Day.

Which Netflix movies are you watching with mom this Mother’s Day weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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