Myth German Autobahn: Driving what the engine gives. As fast as anywhere else in the world. If you are allowed. And if you can at all. Free travel for free citizens is usually just a nice dream.

There are two thousand traffic jams every day on German motorways. On average! In everyday life, it is often much more. Much more. There are also more traffic jams than last year. And there it was already more than the year before. All this has been found out by the German Automobile Association (ADAC). The motorists already know that.

The numbers of the ADAC are sobering: there were 745,000 congestion last year. Together, they were a million and a half miles long. Overall, motorists were forced to shut down 459,000 hours – more than half a century of boredom, high blood pressure and despair.

Germany traffic jam on the highway (Imago / F. Sorge)

As reasons for the rise of the automobile club leads the increased mileage. This means that all of us, as well as our foreign guests, the transporters and suppliers, are traveling more and more often. The latter, however, is difficult to avoid in the many traffic jams.

Another reason for frequently dormant traffic is the higher number of construction sites: In 2018, there were about three percent more bottleneck than in 2017. Although this temporarily leads to boredom, high blood pressure and despair (see above), but the situation can relax in the long run, if then the track can absorb more traffic or can handle the traffic at least trouble-free.

Germany traffic jam on the highway - construction site (Imago / F. Sorge)

The most important reason why one does not really progress on German motorways, however, does not name the club. Every stubborn plague knows him for this: it is the driver at the head of the traffic jam.

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