2020 Election Live Updates: Mike Pence Criticizes John Roberts

2020 Election Live Updates: Mike Pence Criticizes John Roberts

Joseph. R Biden Jr.’s campaign had mostly dismissed his opponent’s proposals, calling it a “distraction,” while affirming that Mr. Biden will take part in the events as planned.

Michael P. McDonald, a political science professor at the University of Florida who studies American elections, said he has discussed the timing of the debates and early voting with the commission. He said Mr. Giuliani was correct in asserting that millions of Americans will have received their ballots and have had the opportunity to vote by mail by Sept. 29.

But he said that based on his estimates from the previous presidential election, far fewer people will have actually voted by that time. And those who have voted, he added, would not likely be swayed by a television debate.

“These are people who are hard partisans,” Mr. McDonald said of those who cast early ballots. “They’ve made up their mind a long time ago, as to who they’re going to vote for,” adding that “no debate is really going to sway them one way or another.”

Mr. McDonald said that although his data was incomplete, his best estimates suggested that only about 10,000 people had actually voted by late September during the 2016 election. Many signs point to increased turnout this fall, meaning that tens of thousands more voters could potentially vote very early, he said. But in all likelihood, he added, “it’s not going to be millions.”

Senators Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham are in danger as they seek re-election, polls show.

Two incumbent Republican senators, Susan Collins of Maine and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, are facing tight races against Democratic challengers, and another, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, faces a competitive challenge, according to polls released Thursday.

The surveys, by Quinnipiac University, are the latest indicator of the potential electoral peril facing Senate Republicans, who are at risk of losing their majority.

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