12 Important SEO Tips for Your Website

Important SEO Tips for Your Website
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Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a method of improving your web presence by driving more traffic and visitors to your website. This helps your content appear on the first page of search results when someone searches about any relevant content. There are many tools and techniques to improve the SEO for your website and develop a Digital marketing contract for your organization. Here are 12 important and simple SEO tips:

1) Checking the page speed:

Page loading speed is a very important aspect in terms of customer satisfaction. If your pages are loading slowly, then the purpose of your content is defeated. Google has mentioned that page speed is an important ranking factor for the website and must be given priority. You can develop the speed of your page by removing non-essential elements, decluttering your sidebar and using only essential widgets.

2) Linking to other websites:

It is a misconception that linking to other authoritative websites drives the traffic to them. Your links might help your readers to better understand your product or concept. This is a win-win-win situation for the linked website, to the audience, and also to you. You can contact the influencer or enter into a blogger contract proposing linking to their websites and they can do the same for you.

3) Structural content:

Content is the life of your website. So it is necessary for you to build the content in a structure that is easily readable by the search engine crawlers. With proper planning and design, your content can be easily organized and found. Original research for new data, making list posts, and visual posts are few ways to enrich your content.

4) Optimize page titles and meta descriptions:

For Google SEO, Page titles are very important. Make sure that each page has a unique title that accurately describes the page’s description. The reader should be able to understand the page by looking at the title of the page. Meta descriptions are the snippets that summarize the page in less than 180-200 characters. This meta description is displayed by the search engines along with the page title in your search results. Keeping the meta description unique for all the pages, not dumping it with keywords, keeping it short and to the point would make it a good one.

5) SEO friendly URL’s:

Permanent link structure/Permalink is the term used to define URLs for individual pages on your website. Making the URLs simple and easy to understand, readable and meaningful, keeping them short, using words that are relevant to the page, including one primary keyword, using hyphens instead of underscores, choosing a static URL instead of dynamic are few ways to make your URLs SEO friendly.

6) Add internal links to your content:

Internal links are links of a page leading to another page within the website. They are commonly used for navigation. They also help the readers with the hierarchy of important articles or pages making it convenient for the readers and boosting your SEO.

7) Update your website with fresh content:

Having fresh content helps readers come back often to your website. You need to keep treating your readers with fresh and unique content. It is an important method to protect them, and improve the traffic to your website. The more people that are coming back to your website, the more authority your website has on search engines.

8) Check for broken links:

A broken link is a hyperlink linking to the website which is non-existent or empty. This would make the reader hesitate before visiting your site the next time. So, it is mandatory to fix the broken links. You can easily find the broken lists by installing a chrome plugin ‘ Check my links’. You can also use ‘Ahrefs’ to find them- (Outgoing Links > Broken Links). This is an important step in your blogger agreement with third parties if you are seeking help.

9) Create a Sitemap:

A sitemap is a list of all the posts or pages on your website. Simply put, it is the reader’s route to different places on your website. Search engines use the sitemap to understand your site architecture and index them accordingly. This helps the readers to find your pages in the search results easily.

10) Mobile-friendly site:

Today everybody uses their mobile phones to read content or search for anything. So, mobile SEO plays an important role in making your content available on smartphones. Making your website dynamic and compatible with the mobile phone size is mandatory as the mobile phone searches are rapidly increasing. Though the indexing is the same on both desktop and mobile phones, you should have a mobile-friendly website.

11) Alt attributes for images:

Alt attributes are the alternate texts for the images. Search engines cannot read the images but the alt attributes of the image. These alt attributes help the search engines understand and read the meaning of the image and its representation. Each time you upload the image, you will have a chance to optimize it with proper keywords.

12) Keyword Optimization:

SEO is pretty much about the keywords. You must search for the relevant keywords for your website and content, and make a list of them. You can use google keyword planner which helps you get a list of keywords relevant to your website and also gives the performance of the same. Your appearance in search results is mostly based on the keywords you optimize and use in your website appropriately.

You can make a blogger agreement with different bloggers and make sure your purpose of optimizing your content is achieved. You can also contact third-party agents or companies to work for you and develop your SEO by creating a digital marketing contract. Even then, you need to know the basics of SEO to communicate with them. These tips can help your website at a beginner level.

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