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10 Creative and Fun Ideas for Family Photos

Now, who doesn’t love those old family albums of funny and often quite awkward family photos, your mum will make sure to bring over when you guys have guests.

Like when you invite your college boyfriend home to introduce him to your family and there you go, mummy just remembers that one summer photograph from back when you were 11 or 12, where you have a full mouth smile showcasing the space your fallen out teeth have left, and you have cherry syrup all over your dress and face.

Well, chances are your mom might also consider her sacred mission to accompany the photograph with the story of how that summer you had a crush on the 17-year-old guy next door and secretly drew him in your obviously-not-so-secret diary.

I know, I know! You probably wouldn’t have brought up the photo (and the awkward prehistory) in front of your new boyfriend. At least not right away. But confess, old family photos are still fun. They contain the memories of the fun times you guys have spent together, they tell the family story.

Those family photos are the way our parents kinda stop time to make sure we’re still their small kiddos — running, misbehaving, doing all the forbidden things. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or a developer or a designer or a writer. For your parents, you’re still the guys and girls with silly grins and stupid crushes, torn jeans and bruises.

So, how about we discuss 10 funny and creative family photo ideas now? Let’s get started.

1. The Twins

The twins photoUnisex cloths are cool.

All you need for the “twins” photo is a collection of the same outfits for all family members. And if you also have the creativity to spice the photograph up with a witty pre-story, the photo is surely going to rock.

2. The Challenge

The 20 years challenge photoTrue, those 5, 10, 20, … year challenges are no longer a very original idea and Facebook is flooded with them. But they’re still fun, aren’t they?

You can tell a whole story of ages simply changing one detail, like replacing the milk bottle with a fancy bottle of wine and voila! – the concept is ready.

The challenge photos are also really cool to have with siblings only, recreating scenes that well, you know…siblings challenge photo

3. The Movie

the movie photoCheers to all those who ever dreamt of waking up one day as the protagonist of their favorite movies. Now, when it comes to family, why dream if you guys can recreate that movie yourselves?

Get ready, apply all your artistic talent and confidence, choose your roles and go shape the modern versions of, say, Rose and Jack.

Break a leg! And yeah, well, don’t forget about the photograph.

4. The “adults only”

the adults only photo

I mean, seriously, isn’t it cute how the older siblings always take care of their younger counterparts? Censoring the “not for your eyes” kind of moments, while secretly smiling at the kiss? Fixing such adorable moments of being overprotective is a treasure for the family photo album.

5. The Mess

Because what on earth is ever more fun than creating a mess with your beloved ones? Plus, these photos don’t need a lot of preparation (confess, there’s always a natural mess when you guys are all together.)

So, next time remember to snap a shot of your family mess, when walking your dog on a Friday evening or on a couch after watching the new episode of your family weekend series.

6. The “arithmetic of love”

arithmetics of love photoI know, this all sounds a bit like a mixture of cheesy and geeky, but so what? Sum it up, see what you guys result in.

Plus, math has lots of space for creativity (says my algebra professor) so how about making it all worth the shot?

7. The awkward vacation

the awkward family vacationWho said vacation photos always have to be elegant, fancy, and social-media-shareable? Who came up with the universal standard of half-backwards jeans shorts and a tank top beach photos with a glass of sea cocktail in your hand?

Family awkward moments do not cease, moreover, are often more frequent during shared vacations. So, why not make the most of it and probably take revenge from mothers for those past moments of embarrassment?

Sounds like a plan!

8. The big family sale

the big family warWe all sometimes get really mad at those we share common space with. How about visualizing the angst in a creative and funny way, using pieces of paper and possibly ropes?

Just make sure there are no cops around.

9. The “Who’s who?”

The “Who’s who?”You guys know each other on a deeper level than just facial recognition. So go ahead and get creative with you identities for the next family photo. Experiment with age, race and gender — no constraints at all!

10. The roller coaster

the roller coaster photoNext time you go to an amusement park on the weekend to yell all the stress of a 9-to-5 and school out, don’t forget to have a shot of those roller-coaster thrills taken. As tough as holding a selfie stick (or hiring a pro photographer) in moments like this is, it’s still definitely worth the shot.

Ready for an epic family photoshoot? Before you go, don’t forget to tell about the funniest family photo ideas you have in the comments section below and make sure you check out this 10 famous photography cliches just in case.

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